Subsplash Giving: Why are we switching?

All in One Platform

Now our website, app and giving platform are all within Subsplash. This makes cost and user interaction more streamlined.

Lower Processing Rates

Subsplash's innovative Grow Curve offers the industry's lowest processing rates. Saving us hundreds every year!

Fast & Secure Process

Not only is Subsplash certified for the highest encryption and security, the process of giving  online can take less than 1 minute.

How do I switch from E-Giving to Subsplash?

Our desire is to make this shift simple and efficient for you.  Below, are steps to help you cancel your 
E-Giving and migrate over to the Subsplash Giving platform.  

I give gifts manually through Egiving.

Service with E-giving will be ending On December 31, 2020.  Please set up a new account with Subsplash giving link below.  Here you can set up manual or recurring giving. 

I have scheduled/recurring giving
through E-giving

First, set up your new giving profile with Subsplash, then cancel your current recurring gift with Egiving using the steps below.


Set up your new giving profile using Subsplash.
First, enter an amount. Then on the right, choose the Fund (site), Frequency, and specific date to start.
 Then choose Next and follow the simple instructions to get set up.


Sign in to your E-giving account. Click link here.


Go to the Recurring or Scheduled tab.


Click the "trash can" to delete or stop payment.


A box will pop up asking "are your sure..."

I give through check and cash.

The switch to Subsplash giving will not impact the way you currently give to Buck Creek.
If you would like to begin giving online, please click the link below.

I would like to start giving online.

Thank you for taking this next step in faith! You can give one-time or recurring gifts through the Subsplash link below
or through your mobile device via the Buck Creek app.