How do we fight for our unborn fellow "image of God bearers"?

1. Pray- Prayer should not be the only thing we do, but it absolutely must be the first and prominent thing we do!
The power of God got us this far:
  • Awakening church
  • Local movements
  • State conventions
  • Global SBC
  • State houses
  • Supreme Court

2. Contact your representatives- be a voice for those who cannot be heard
3. Speak the life-giving gospel to those in your world. Everything we do should be for the purpose of glorifying God and giving people the eternal hope that only comes through the gospel of Jesus Christ. CLICK HERE FOR GOSPEL RESOURCES

4. Assist those who are in the fight (Operation Save SC-Matt Brock, PS I Love You)

5. Help those who are in need (sponsor child, foster, adopt)