Everyone's story is unique.

Some of us have hardly ever entered into a church building, some have been involved for decades. Some have had great church experiences, others have been hurt by religion. Our desire is for you to know Jesus Christ, to connect with others that will help you to live our your God-given purpose, to love others through service and sharing Jesus with them and helping them to grow in Christ through discipleship.

In order to help each other grow in our faith in Jesus and in relationships with one another, we have put together this "next steps" path of discipleship. Use this path as a guide in your personal discipleship as well as a map to help others in their discipleship path.

Share (Part 1)

Attend our events at Buck Creek

Attend small group (purpose is to hear the gospel and make friends)

Share life with an Intentional Friend (1 on 1)

Attend Worship Service


Share (Part 2)

Talk to Buck Creek about Baptism

Go through the New Believer's Study with friend

Attend small group (purpose is to learn new truth, new habits)

Attend 101 Understanding Buck Creek class

Become a member of Buck Creek

Partake in Life University courses



Attend our 201 Immersion Weekend

Attend small group (purpose is to connect with God and other believers)

Seek out God's purpose for your life

Learn about opportunities to serve others



Attend 301 Finding your place to serve

Attend small group (purpose is ministering to group/finding a place to serve)

Sign up for 302 Discipleship Training (13 Week Intensive)

Get training in an area of ministry

Attend 303 Annual Leader Training (Stay the Course)


Disciple Maker

401 Leadership resources (classes or reading/viewing materials)

Attend small group (purpose is discipling member(s) or leading a group)

Become a disciple-maker (walking people through steps 1-5)