Student Small Groups

Our Student Ministry Small Group environment is held on Sunday evenings from 5:45-8:00. Students fellowship together around a meal, break off into small groups, and end with a time of competition and recreation. Small group is the place where students can learn the Bible in a very relational environment. Currently there are 3 student small groups including: Boys 7th - 9th, Boys 10th- 12th, and Girls 7th-12th. Groups meet during the school year. This environment begins in gym and then small groups move to the church building.

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Student Worship

Student Worship happens every Wednesday night from 6:30-7:45. Our student band leads in worship and there is a culturally relevant sermon dealing with one of our 9 Checkpoints. Students hear what God's word has to teach us about living in this world. Barry primarily teaches in this environment, but students and small group leaders also speak and share testimonies regularly. This environment meets in Youth Building across the street from the church near the grave yard.

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Sunday school

Sunday school is our Biblical content environment and occurs Sunday morning at 9 am. Students are led systematically through stories in Scripture and other topics dealing with absolute truth. Students meet all together and are challenged to develop a Christian World View. Parents of youth have classes available through Buck Creek University as well meeting at the same time. This environment meets in Youth Building. 

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Partnering With Parents

As a Minister to Students and Families, I desire to partner with parents in discipling their families in their home. One of the ways you can do that is through a family devotion. Once a week (or maybe more if it fits your schedule) you can sit down as a family and read God's word together and talk about what it means. I have found in twenty years of ministry that the families that share God's word in the home produce students that grow to love God later in life. Deuteronomy 6:7-9 says we are to teach our children in our homes. I am here to help your child grow while in our youth services and in our small groups. But I am here also to help you as you disciple your child at home.  

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